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Licensed, insured and EPA certified.
Rheem Authorized Dealer/Installer.

Heating and Air Contractor is a full service residential and light-commercial air-conditioning contractor with over 10 years experience. We provide HVAC design assistance, installation, and service for the Georgia residential and light commercial customers. Our goal is to provide building owners with the engineering resources needed to assure that the most effective and efficient application is selected in order to deliver maximum interior comfort.

Our industry experience and expertise offers our customers HVAC system design methods which significantly improve energy efficiency, indoor comfort quality, and operational savings. Heating and Air Contractor was established in 2000 by Sanel Mustic in Metro Atlanta, GA. We provide HVAC installations in commercial, industrial institutional, industrial, government and medical facilities throughout the Metro-Atlanta area. Our firm provides competitive bid, conceptual, negotiated and design-build services to our clients. We are a client and quality driven company with a 90% repeat client base.

Our organizations installs, furnishes, and services virtually all types and major brands of equipment and controls. We also optimize equipment performance through surveys, commissioning and system-wide analysis. Quality training, safety and team approach are a high priority within the organization with the ultimate goal of having a satisfied customer.

Our Services

Air Conditioners

For Homes and Businesses

Heat Pumps

Reverse cycle air conditioners


Central Furnace/AC

Dual Fuel Systems

Saves you money on heating/cooling.

Zoning Systems

innovation for the future.

High Velocity Air Handlers

Energy efficient air delivery system.


Whole-House: Large Capacity.

Media Filters

Storm-water management

Electronic Air Cleaners

Removes allergens and mold.


Ease problems caused by dry air.


Cost effective for heating/cooling

HEPA Filters

Prevention of the spread of bacteria.


Use Earth's thermal energy for heat.

Water-source Heat Pumps

High-performance heating/cooling.

Gas Piping

In or around the house.

Ductless Mini-Split

Can be installed virtually anywhere.